Back Forty

EPRI Journal looks back 40 years at the electricity sector and research

The Research Agenda in 1979

A feature article called “Scanning the Research Agenda” in the January/February 1979 issue of EPRI Journal describes 30 representative projects to reveal the scope and direction of EPRI’s research. These included:

  • Refining demand and supply forecast models
  • Developing models that help electric system planners account for uncertainties in customer demand, generation mix, and capital and fuel costs
  • Designing reliable nuclear fusion reactors
  • Designing residential solar heating and cooling systems
  • Developing liquid fuels from coal
  • Demonstrating a 4.5-megawatt fuel cell power plant
  • Monitoring air pollutants
  • Investigating ecological effects of power plant cooling systems
  • Investigating effects of high-voltage electromagnetic fields on plants and animals