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by Semaj Marsh - 22.07.2022

EPRI Journal 2022 No. 2

SPRING 2022 EPRI JOURNAL, Spring 2022 Table of Contents Using the Energy Transition…

Price of Flexible Operations

by Jeannine Howatt - 15.07.2022

Understanding the Price of Flexible Operations

As more and more variable generation comes online, a new EPRI tool quantifies…

Battery Safety

by Jeannine Howatt - 15.07.2022

A Focus on Battery Energy Storage Safety

As lithium-ion batteries scale, mitigating the risk of fires becomes more important By…

EPRI Climate READi initiative

by Jeannine Howatt - 13.06.2022

Preparing the Power System for a Changing Climate

EPRI Launches the Climate READi Initiative By Chris Warren Chronicling extreme weather these…

solar power station, pv modules

by Jeannine Howatt - 08.06.2022

Why Consistent Sampling Is Key to Solar Module Toxicity Testing

And why solar modules toxicity testing matters to utilities and the solar industry’s…

Thermal Storage

by Jeannine Howatt - 05.05.2022

The Role of Thermal Storage in a Decarbonizing World

EPRI and the New York Power Authority explore low-cost, long-duration storage By Chris…

Transmission System Resilience

by Jeannine Howatt - 05.05.2022

A Holistic View of Transmission System Resilience

The World Bank and EPRI partner with XM in Colombia to re-imagine resilience…

EPRI 50th Anniversary

by Jeannine Howatt - 19.04.2022

An Enduring Mission

As the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) marks its 50th anniversary, President and…

Using the Energy Transition to Accelerate Equity

by Jeannine Howatt - 19.04.2022

Using the Energy Transition to Accelerate Equity

EPRI’s new Equitable Decarbonization Interest Group aims to explore ways the clean energy…