Ready for Takeoff: The Bottom Line

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EPRI Study: Electrification Can Save Detroit Airport Nearly $16 Million

If deployed at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, electric ground support equipmentground support equipment and gate electrificationgate electrification technologies could yield about $16 million in lifetime savings and beneficial reductions in emissions relative to diesel-powered counterparts, according to EPRI research. This assumes that the airport charges the equipment during off-peak times at lower utility rates.

Researchers identified potential to electrify 452 diesel- and gas-powered ground-service units, 19 diesel-powered heating/cooling units, and 38 diesel ground-power units for a 20,000-ton reduction in annual CO2 emissions.

Other insights based on the study:

  • Airline-airport partnerships can facilitate cost sharing: Electrification can reduce airlines’ diesel and jet fuel costs while increasing the airport’s electricity costs.
  • Use a phased approach: Consider electrifying the most frequently used equipment with shorter payback times first, which would enable the use of cost savings to fund conversion of equipment with longer paybacks.
  • Familiarize employees: Deploying charging stations for employees’ personal plug-in electric vehicles can familiarize them with operation and benefits.

Photo courtesy of Charlatte America