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Understanding Electric Utility Customers—2014 Update: Review of Recent Studies (3002001268)
This report is the third in a series reviewing research on how residential customers respond to electric rate structures that vary prices over time. It explores impacts from providing customers with programmable thermostats and information about their electricity consumption.

Performance Evaluation of a Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing Membrane System for Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater Treatment (3002002144)
This report describes the results of a recent field demonstration of a commercially available technology for processing flue gas desulfurization wastewater in power plants. The three-month project at the Water Research Center at Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen assessed the technology’s contamination removal efficiencies, water recovery, and other operational parameters.

Recommendations for Managing an Effective Cathodic Protection System (3002002949)
This report is the latest in a series of EPRI guides on cathodic protection, an essential method for controlling corrosion in metal structures in nuclear power plants. Topics include training and qualification of personnel; communication between cathodic protection system owners and associated plant and non-plant personnel; system configuration; maintenance; data collection; monitoring, surveying, and inspection; performance assessment; troubleshooting; and remediation.

Foreign Material Exclusion Practices in the Field: What Good Looks Like (3002003061)
This video shows work activities on an emergency diesel generator to demonstrate important worker practices that prevent intrusion of foreign material into nuclear plant systems. Utilities can use the video for worker training to support plant safety.

Nuclear Maintenance Applications Center: Video Capture Techniques for Knowledge Transfer (3002003207)
This report provides guidance on using video to document knowledge and expertise from managers, engineers, and other power plant experts before they become unavailable due to retirement or other circumstances. The report provides lessons learned from video sessions that EPRI conducted in developing 3-D animation applications for nuclear plant components.

Cold Weld Repair of Ferritic Components—Case Studies of UK Power Stations (3002003362)
Cold weld repair techniques avoid the need for post-weld heat treatment and reduce repair time, allowing plant operators to return to service quickly. This report describes the successful use of these techniques in the United Kingdom power industry through 13 case studies, providing insights on when they may be viable.

Assessment of Radioactive Elements in Coal Combustion Products (3002003774)
Coal combustion products contain radioactive elements originating from coal, such as uranium, thorium, and their decay products. This report summarizes the current knowledge of radionuclides in coal combustion products and potential radiological impacts. The review did not locate any published studies pointing to significant radiological risks.

Residential Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Systems in Southern California (3002004462)
This study examines the economics and reliability of combined solar photovoltaic-battery storage systems for Southern California residences, concluding that they will be cost-prohibitive for at least the next 10 years.

Understanding the Social Cost of Carbon: A Technical Assessment (3002004657)
The United States government has developed social cost of carbon estimates to value the benefits of CO2 emissions reductions in federal rulemakings. This study examines the government’s social cost of carbon approach and the three models underlying its estimates, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Comments of the Electric Power Research Institute on EPA’s Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units [CAA § 111 (d)] (3002004658)
This report contains EPRI’s comments on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule (issued in June 2014) under Clean Air Act Section 111(d) to cut carbon pollution from power plants. The comments assess the engineering, economic, and power sector aspects of the rule.